Rayados 900

RAYADOS 900 TWO-STROKE CORKSCREW: Special striped collection of Pulltap's Slider 900 corkscrews. It is a corkscrew with a colorful stripes design, double articulated lever, and sliding blade with automatic return.

Design: Ralla Color (Color Stripes)

slider 900

Floral 900 two-stroke corkscrew

Special striped collection of Pulltap's Slider 900 corkscrews. Enjoy this collection of striped corkscrews in different shades.

Available designs: Raya Color, Raya Marí, Mil Rayas.

The Slider 900 model is a two-stroke corkscrew designed for professional use, to speed up the wine uncorking process, as it allows waiters and sommeliers to operate the blade to cut the protective aluminum of wine bottles with just one hand, simply sliding the blade with your thumb.


The Slider 900 two-stroke corkscrews have the following features:

  • Iron handle, available with different colorful striped motifs.
  • Cutter-type serrated sliding blade with mechanical assistance to facilitate automatic return. This type of blade can be operated with one hand.
  • Pulltap's patented double hinged lever, designed to facilitate the uncorking of bottles. The articulated lever allows for smooth vertical extraction of the cork, perfect for effortless uncorking. In addition, its design incorporates a bottle opener to open soda or beer bottles with crown caps.
  • Right-handed spiral with black non-stick coating, which facilitates drilling in all types of caps.

Original corkscrew

At Pulltap's we are committed to selling only genuine corkscrews made in Barcelona.

By default, they are shipped in acetate boxes.


Data sheet

Slider 900
Measurements (mm)
115 x 20 x 13 mm
Weight (g)
70 g
Cataphoresis Black (Raya Color), Flash Gold 24K (Raya Marí), Old Copper (Mil Rayas)
Main Material
Knife Type
Spiral type
Non-stick (Teflon®-coated)
Country of origin

Specific References

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