Pulltap’s innovation

Pulltap's Genuine

Pulltap's Genuine seal, visible on the articulated lever of our basic corkscrews, indicates that this is an original and genuine product, manufactured by us in Spain. Since its introduction in 2014, this seal has served to differentiate us from our numerous imitators and competitors, thus guaranteeing our customers that buying directly from us, they receive a corkscrew with the best possible quality, manufactured in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain), by the creators of the original two-stroke corkscrew.

Until the end of 2023, only the Classic 500 and Slider 900 corkscrews carried the seal, but from 2024 we have plans for all our newly manufactured products to have Pulltap's Genuine emblem engraved on the lever.

Detalle Pulltap's Genuine.jpg

Detail of Pulltap's Genuine engraving.

Pulltap's and other companies

While it is true that Pulltap's works with distribution companies around the world, only products sold directly by Pulltap's - through our website or through our commercial agents - and by our accredited resellers are original and carry the Pulltap's Genuine seal. By agreement, some of our distributors can use our brand, but Pulltap's S.L. is the sole owner of the brand and patents for Pulltap's two-stroke corkscrews.

Only Pulltap's manufactures the original and genuine two-stroke corkscrew in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain).

Genuine products

Pulltap's corkscrews are the most copied worldwide due to their compact and ergonomic multifunction design.

Only the corkscrews of the models sold on our official website are original products manufactured by Pulltap's in Spain. In other words, only the corkscrews of the Classic 500, Slider 900, Classic 100, Slider Boss 150, Samurai, and Compact 600 model lines are genuine products made by us.

Corkscrews of any other model are not manufactured by Pulltap's, and therefore cannot be "Pulltap's Genuine". This includes any other model of corkscrew, such as the Toledo model corkscrews.