Customize your corkscrew

Types of customization

Discover the options we have

At Pulltap's we know how important it is for our customers to have quality openers that fit their tastes and needs, which is why we can adapt our corkscrews according to the customer's needs.

The customization we offer allows you to create totally unique pieces, thanks to the large number of possible combinations of pieces and types of marking. You can choose from the color of the handle and the articulated lever, the direction of the spiral, through the type of marking - totally optional - and the packaging.

The customization options depend on the corkscrew model chosen:

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Handle colors available depending on model

The Classic 500 and Slider 900 models have the most colors available, while the Classic 100 has the least. The Samurai model always has the black handle, as it is one of its characteristics.

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The finishing of our levers

The nickel-plated lever is standard for the Classic 500 and Slider 900 models, while the stainless lever is standard for the Classic 100 and Slider Boss 150 models.

Levers available depending on model:

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Branded corkscrew

At Pulltap's we are aware of how important it is for our clients to have a unique and quality product, which is why we offer several marking options such as pad printing, laser engraving and 3D sublimation. In the Slider Boss 150 models it is also possible to put personalized resin drops.

Pad printing: This marking solution allows us to print logos or simple illustrations on the smooth areas of the corkscrew in flat inks. Only available for non-metallic standard color handles. The usual marking area is 55 x 8 mm.

Laser engraving: This technique allows you to engrave a small colorless relief on the flat surfaces of the corkscrew. It can be engraved on all our corkscrews except the Compact 600. The usual marking area is 55 x 8 mm.

3D Subliation: This printing technique allows full-color designs to be transferred over the entire surface of the handle.

A unique corkscrew, made exclusively for you!

If you want a completely exclusive corkscrew, we invite you to discover the options available at our fully renewed customizer!

For large quantities or a product that is outside the options currently available in the new configurator, we recommend contact with our commercial department by email to or by calling (+34) 937 209 384.