About Pulltap’s

Our values

Pulltap’s values

Our team is made up of excellent professionals and collaborators who carry out our objectives in the world of corkscrews and wine accessories.

Creating and maintaining employment opportunities in our local environment is a driver of Pulltap's expansion strategy.

Creativity, functionality, design, quality and customer service are the pillars on which our brand bases its strategic framework. Our commitment to innovation is what has made Pulltap's a benchmark.

Social responsability

Pulltap's guarantees the use of safe materials for both our workers and collaborators, as well as our clients. None of our corkscrews contain toxic or dangerous substances for health. Our products are free of cadmium, hexavalent chromium and lead.

Pulltap's maintains a circular economy policy focused on the recycling of our waste. The plastic used in our products and packaging is recycled plastic.

Pulltap's has a policy of energy savings and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the European Union. To contribute our grain of sand in the climate fight, we have designed more sustainable packaging solutions such as the wooden boxes manufactured by  Ilersis, the white cardboard boxes (designed in collaboration with the  ESDI Sabadell design school) or the kraft cardboard boxes.

Pulltap's is a company committed to social causes and collaborates with non-profit associations by sponsoring events such as the marathons against cancer that Fundació Lliga Catalana d'Ajuda Oncològica organizes in our city, or by providing work to people at risk of exclusion. social thanks to Catalonia Fundació Creactiva.

Companies we collaborate with:

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