About Pulltap’s

Our history

In the 90s, Ramón Brucart - a prolific inventor from Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain) - developed the groundbreaking concept of a new double-lever corkscrew and began contact with the company  TADE (Talleres Auxiliares De Estampación) - an industrial metallurgical company based in the same city -, due to their knowledge in die-casting and metal stamping.

In 1992, we patented the double articulated lever, and later the first two-stroke corkscrew with a solid aluminum body, known today as the Classic 100 model.

In 1996, thanks to the good relationship between Mr. Brucart and the Alberich and Vilarrubí families -founders of the TADE company-, Pulltap's, S.L. was founded. Shortly after, we patented and started producing the basic two stroke corkscrew, the Classic 500 model. This corkscrew quickly became one of the most recognized wine openers in the world due to its great design and ergonomics.

In 2000 we began to produce corkscrews with the Teflon®-coated spiral, a much more hygienic and safe solution compared to chrome-plated solutions used until then. These new non-stick spirals prevent cork or wine residue from sticking on them. That same year we started manufacturing left-handed corkscrews on demand.

In 2009 we patented and launched the new sliding blade corkscrews with automatic return Slider 900 and Slider Boss 150, wine openers designed to speed up the work of waiters and sommeliers with their Slider system, which allows the blade to be operated with just one hand.

In 2013 we introduced customization using 3D sublimation (heat transfer), a method that allows us to print in full color on the entire surface of the handle. To this day we continue to be pioneers in the usage of this technology applied to corkscrews.

In 2014, we launched the Pulltap's Genuine brand to fight against imitators and competitors, guaranteeing the end customer that they receive an original product manufactured by Pulltap's in Spain. Since then, the Pulltap’s Genuine emblem can be found on the newly manufactured Classic 500 and Slider 900 corkscrews.

Going forward, we have plans to expand the Pulltap's Genuine emblem to our high-end corkscrew: the Classic 100, Slider Boss 150, and Samurai models. All of our newly manufactured openers are planned to feature the Genuine emblem on the lever.