Belt holster 519

BELT HOLSTER 519: Belt holster for Pulltap's Genuine corkscrews Classic 500, Slider 900, Classic 100, Slider Boss 150, and Slider 150 Samurai models.


Belt Holster for Pulltap's Corkscrew: Model 519

This is a cover is a corkscrew case made of injected rigid plastic that allows us to keep our Pulltap’s corkscrew close.

The cover has a fastening clip that we can place in our belt, in front or where it's comfortable. This makes it very suitable for waiters or wine professionals, since you will never lose sight of your Pulltap's corkscrew.


The 519 cover is only suitable for the following products:

  • Classic 500 corkscrew
  • Classic 100 corkscrew
  • 900 Slider corkscrew
  • 150 Boss Slider corkscrew
  • 150 SAMURAI Slider corkscrew

ATTENTION: This product does not include any corkscrew.


Data sheet

Weight (g)
15,5 g
Main Material
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Country of origin
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