We welcome you to our store. Here you will find all of our Pulltap's Genuine products, from classic corkscrews, to corkscrews with slider blades, individual boxes, to accessories for everyday use.


  • Corkscrew

    The original double lever corkscrew

    Pulltap's corkscrews are the result of innovation. Thanks to the opening of the two-stroke corkscrews, more harmonious and functional movements are obtained.

    This innovation launched by Pulltap's results in a strong commitment to develop new attractive and novel concepts and designs.

    Original corkscrews

    All the manufacturing processes of Pulltap's corkscrews are carried out in Spain, more specifically in the Barcelona area, with the exception of the spiral, which is industrialized in the European Community. At Pulltap's we strive to create and maintain new jobs within our geographic scope.

  • Packaging

    Our packaging options, specially designed to improve the presentation of your new Pulltap's corkscrew.

  • Accessories

    Introducing belt holsters specifically designed for original Pulltap's corkscrews.

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    Discover special offers from Pulltap's!

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Classic 500


CLASSIC TWO-STROKE CORKSCREW: Pulltap's Classic 500 professional waiter's corkscrew, a double hinged lever corkscrew with retractable hinged blade.

Slider 900


SLIDER TWO-STROKE CORKSCREW: Two-stroke corkscrew for professional use Slider 900 from Pulltap's, a wine key with double articulated lever and sliding blade with automatic return.